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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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bumbling burglar causes some major damage to a shop in siberia. >> it's like a mini tornado. >> see the hilarious way the robber actually captures himself. [ laughter ] >> look at that! two male cheetahs get into a fight over a feline. mate. cross. this is one aggressive white-knuckle motorcycle ride. >> oh. >> was that a wheelie at high speed. >> a man tries to challenge on the road. >> this is really dangerous driving and he's involving a lot of other people. >> see if anyone accepts his request. the "right this minute" prank wars continue as christianne steals my dinner. >> mmmm, nice job, calderon, delicious.
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>> you already got me once. >> this doesn't end. prank wars do not end. they only escalate! it seems as though criminals get sillier and sillier with each passing day. this video, no exception, starting in our beloved russia. police were called to the scene of this crime. because the robber -- is stuck. >> they're not sure if his pants shorts. you see his legs trembling a little bit because temperatures are below freezing right now. police came, they said wait, as a matter of fact, if you think about it. he captured himself. the store. >> he took down that drop ceiling. it looks like he ripped half the dropped ceiling down with him. >> police arrested him. took him into custody. >> they're going to question him. not sure they're going to have
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situation in brazil. a man with a basket. he's rolling it on over to the city center and he's going to start loading up. >> with? >> cement. >> cement? >> like powder? >> cement. >> he's going to go back and forth in and out of this shed five different times. it looks like he has a little help. a woman walks into the frame and they go walking off with nine bags of cement in their basket. he and his lady friend start walking away. but police pull in on them. the cement returned and you know the rest is history. >> the shopping cart is going to get returned and you're going to get it next week and it's like what is wrong with this thing? >> we head down to the kruger national park in south africa where rumor goes the young female at front of the stream is an animal. she's got two guys on the go, she's a cheetah.
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looking at them. >> she's like whoever survives gets me. >> we see the male in the foreground checking over his shoulder like anybody want to back me up right here? the other guy comes straight towards him like a laser and watch the incredible, the head doesn't even move when -- bam! >> he's out of the blocks. bam. and then they do the knock-down drag-out fight. screaming and scratching, one of them goes fly wag good kick. and the ear one decides i don't even like her that much. you can have her. >> a real cat fight. >> we good? we good. >> he just wanted a nap. you showed up and i just wanted to take a nap! a couple of cheetahs and the female? could not be more disinterested. >> hair flip. >> this reminds me of my friend's son. they like -- follow me, nick.
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get into a fight? it's like suddenly they're like fisticuffs, do do do do! hold on, this is one aggressive white-knuckle ride yet again from the youtube motorcycle star known as max rift, his channel hasn't been up for very long. but he's getting lots of attention because he rides his bmw 1,000 rr like this. >> woo! >> was that a wheelie at high speed? >> he is blitzing past all kinds of super cars in this video. it's almost like he's hunting them down. and any time he spots a high-dollar car, he targets them and tries to goad them into maybe racing with him a little bit. most of the cars don't. but it appears once in a while when he comes across like that white ferrari there, he'll look back around and chase after it
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to go a little. >> it's almost like he's ego-tripping. >> he's compensating for something. himself out. >> this is really dangerous driving. people. >> extremely irresponsible driving on this relatively popular road. >> regardless of where it's at. he should take this to the track. are saying that. but a lot of other people are commenting they like this guy. they love the extremes he's going to. they love that he's such a skilled rider. it's hard to condone this behavior. >> ah, the joy of getting a drone for christmas and very soon after getting it stuck up in a tree. >> it's stuck in the tree! >> the whole family gets involved in how do we get it down? >> do we climb up the tree? >> climbing is not going to do it. maybe the blades will eventually
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>> somebody else has a completely different idea. >> maybe if we cut the tree down. >> somebody says cut it down. and somebody else says, let's shoot it. >> you ain't shooting nothing up in the tree. >> before they get out the gun, they get a ball and throw the ball at that thing trying to get it to come down. >> i cannot believe that is stuck like that. >> oh! >> almost got it. time. >> oh! >> but no go. so -- somebody does break out the shotgun. >> it looks like he shot the branch away. >> that's the whole idea. >> oh! >> he got it. damaged. >> i'll let them tell you. >> it still works. >> somebody said it still works. took a couple of shots, but they were able to get it down.
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around in the elevator when -- >> boop boop boop, boom. >> see her dodge a huge bullet. >> somebody didn't do the proper maintenance on it. it was damaged before she got in. it was so close. and base-jumping at its blindest. >> only thing that should be rainbow. >> intense jump with extremely low visibility. >> the closest thing i could equate to this is going down the slide with your eyes closed. >> which is really scary! yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage upload them to allstate. really? quicker payment, quicker back to normal. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car
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when i closed captioning provided by -- the subjects in these videos are literally a hop, skip and a jump away from something that could have been fatal.
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playing around the elevator and she -- boop boop boop, boom, what? >> she hopped out in just the nick of time. >> why did that even fall? was there someone on the roof? >> you just barely see the top right corner of the camera you see it bending down and flopping around there? somebody didn't do the proper maintenance on it. >> it fell sideways. if that hit her on the head that could have been like you said, a completely different story. >> those weigh 11 pounds apiece. if you look at the little one. it looks like she could be anywhere between five and eight. not weighing too much and that could have hurt her severely. >> really. >> heading over to a dash cam on a road down under when this little guy comes along. >> a hop, skip and a jump. it is a kangaroo. >> you see the little guy hop up on to the road and comes across
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and goes right back off the road. >> he doesn't know where he wants to go. he's like, whoops, sorry! >> great work by the driver. he wasn't exactly going slow, he managed to stop just in time. >> the person who posted the video says the grassy area that the kangaroo came from is the freeway reserve and surrounded by on-ramps, not sure why he was over there. but -- it comes with the territory. there are some out there that believe that bridges are to be used to drive or walk. but this bridge in idaho, everybody else preferred to jump off this thing. it's beautiful wixt not. and if you're going to do it, why not throw that in there. >> do we know if it's okay to jump off this bridge? >> i looked this up. it's a pretty famous bridge an everyone seems to be quite okay. if it weren't allowed, we wouldn't see so many videos of
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the next one takes a special kind of bravery. also a pretty famous exit point. >> you can't see anything down there. >> can you see nothing. >> this is the guy's third exit. he knows if he does jump off, he should probably be okay? >> and it's a full five or six seconds before he even breaks the cloud cover. >> the closest thing i could equate to this is going down the slide with your eyes closed. >> which is really scary. >> so you know what? i think i'll stick around with the slide, mate. because this one is all out of place. but this guy's canopy opened, so everything was great and another great video for youtube. thnchts is the time of year where people who don't like to gift wrap things put it in a bag or like this guy, he decides to put the gifts in the dumpster and he's doing this because he's pranking his kids. he said he takes his kids dumpster diving. something they like to do as a family. but this time he had his wife
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the dumpster. he said i don't have a lot of money this year. let's go dumpster diving, because i couldn't get you what you wanted. >> some of the things you need for dumpster diving, long sleeves, long pants, shoes, a mask, protective eyewear and gloves. >> look at that right there. >> really? >> it says ethan on it. nice try, dad. [ laughter ] >>. he said his wife forgot he put their names on it. >> that's not even my hand-writing. i write in all caps. >> that's true. >> but they keep dumpster diving. >> they found some decorations that they can use. they found some lanterns. but then -- that's when they find some ps4 games. >> no way! >> there's games in here. >> are they wrapped up? >> yeah, look. >> but wait, the you have to have a gaming something to play
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>> whoa, that's a freaking box, though. there's nothing in there. >> it's heavy. >> his son says something that i think a lot of people are probably saying -- >> dude, people are going to say this video is fake. >> what's that? >> a ps4! >> oh, dad! >> no way, why would somebody throw that away? >> what's funny is when mom shows up. >> mom. mom, merry christmas! >> the christmas magic. >> that was perfect. time for a special lesson. >> they came to this class to take a fire safety significance. >> this fireman has an important question for this lovely teacher. >> i hear the cries of about two two or three boys' whose crushes were just crushed. >> plus, a classic sledding fail.
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promotional considerations provided by -- >> if you can't shut down at bed time. you're not alone. get nonhabit-forming unisome. 3 vitamins. rich, yet absorbs lickety-split. skin looks nourished, healed, healthy. gold bond. it's circle time and miss moyes class, you're looking at lieutenant royale. they came to miss moyes class to take a fire safety session before christmas break. a and at the end he asked the class, what do you think of miss moyes putting on my bunker? yeah, let's do it! >> solve heavy gear for this little lady, but she's handling
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and now for the firemen hat and this is just so cool and what she doesn't know is that this strapping firefighter, who also happens to be her man -- >> uh-huh. >> they've been dating for two years. >> he's got something to ask her. >> will you marry me? >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> i hope so. >> i hope he is her boyfriend because that would be awkward. he drops to one knee. >> oh, my god. yes! >> she says yes! [ screaming ] >> all that laughter and screaming i hear the cries of about two or three boys whose crushes were just crushed by that fireman. >> can you turn around and smile? with the sledding season comes sledding fails.
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>> the first one here, this guy, tired of riding his snowboard. so he decided to set it down. to use it as a sled, big mistake. because if you've ever skied, skis have those little brakes on them. snowboards don't. junior here gets off the snowboard and the board takes off. down the hill it goes. into the woods there. he runs after it. it looks like he dives on the board and just two catches. one of his family members has to come along and help him back up the hill. he told dad, i just dropped my snowboard. no, forgot there was a gopro on it. lesson learned. double-fail. >> here's a little guy all snuggled up in his blue jacket. getting ready to do some tubing. somebody gives him a big old shove. >> you got to add a little touch to it.
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>> no finesse, he hits the turbo thrusters too quick and junior comes flying out the back with a little bit of waaaa, it's okay, you'll be fine. >> and this guy's first day of sledding. oh! >> i'm convinced there's a special place for us on the dark side. >> it's mission impossible at rtm. >> looks so guilty. >> might as well have had barbeque sauce on your lips already. >> come on! >> what christianne schemed to get back at me but failed. >> how do you this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel.
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sabers were real, we would have a lot less. [ inaudible ] in the world. boston terrier is balling.
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there are many mysteries on this planet. >> there's one that's been boggling nick's mind since last week. something happened to you. what happened? >> here's the thing that didn't boggle my mind. i knew it was you the whole time. >> no, you didn't. >> certainly did. >> how could you know? >> it's like what's going on here? >> nick walks into the bar. nick walks into the kitchen, goes straight to his food into the refrigerator.
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all of it caught on camera. you hear his disappointment. when he figures out, my food isn't here. >> oh, man. somebody had eaten the dinner that my lovely fiancee made for me. grilled barbeque chicken. delicious. i thought it might be -- >> somebody went and ate it all. i found an empty container. before i found that empty container. i saw you lurking around the conference room suspiciously like, oh, here comes nick. you duck back in. you look so guilty. you might as well have had barbeque sauce on your lips already. >> so what happened was this. >> we just had our dinner break right now and i was trying to figure out what i was going to have for dinner. and i knew that nick had already left for the night and forgot his dinner. and you know what i was trying
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to have to eat. >> this is two pranks in a week that somebody has messed with my food. you don't mess with a man's food. >> this is going to be delicious. >> and you sat in his chair. >> here's the best part. i sat in your chair, i ate your dinner on your desk. >> it was so good. >> it was really delicious. >> i had to put a little hot sauce on it. >> i can't have this chicken with no flavor. >> flavor in my life. >> this is going to be delicious. thanks, nick. you saved me from having to figure out what i was going to have for dinner. >> the prime suspect. >> you already got me. >> you already got me once. >> this doesn't end. >> prank wars do not end. they only escalate.
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>> mmmm, that's good. >> videos and more great videos, there's no shortage on "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac
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and you guys, it's like
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